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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Zombie ate my Neighbors

Even if Rob Zombie did eat my neighbors, I wouldn't tell on him! He's my new horror movie makin' hero. I've had a soft spot in my heart for him ever since I saw him on MTV Cribs and he was lovingly showing off his movie collection. He truly loves the genre and you can see it in his movies to date. I loved the idea he had behind the retelling of Halloween and I think he did it up nice. I especially enjoyed the actor who played young Michael Meyers and Sherrie Zombie is a real natural actress. She was scarily believable as the sexiest psycho you ever saw in the first two films and now as a mom just trying to keep it together as best she knows how.
Something that I was sure was gonna happen but didn't (but I'm sure it was considered,) is that I thought Michael would finally utter one word after 15 years of silence when he finally got face to face with is litte sister; "boo." His voice would be all creaky and hoarse from years of unuse; scratchy and creepie...... Did anyone else anticipate that? Would it have been too corny? Maybe. Maybe that scene will be in the directors cut!

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