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Saturday, July 20, 2013

all we are saying is; give bees a chance.......

I have been waging a small battle against the clover patches that have been threatening to take over my front yard and, to a smaller extent, my back yard. A few patches of clover popped up last year. It did not bother me over much and I knew the bees were having a rough go of it so I thought I'd let it ride and give the bees a reason to visit my yard and make my other flowers happy as well. Of course this year the patches have grown substantially wider and thicker and I decided they really needed to go. I try to be as chemical free as possible, so I've been tackling the problem hands on. I know it's improbable that I'll completely eradicate it this way, but, I am stubborn, and I have actually made some headway and, it's been kinda fun just to be out ripping long strands of clover out of the ground by it's roots. If I find a bit that is not so dug in, it's a sensation like unraveling a knitted sweater. Something about it satisfies me.
   This morning I had enough gumption to get out early before the mercury hit 80. The air was cool, the ground still moist. Our neighborhood is typically very quiet most times of the day and this morning my task was accompanied by a lovely variety of bird sounds.
   I have no guilt now over pulling away the bees' clover as I've planted more flowers in my backyard this year and the lavender that's been growing there for many years now has become a bee favorite
CDB? I think it's just it's butt. Bees, I find, are not very co-operative photo subjects, especially for the amateur photog!
  I think I was lucky just to get it's butt in the picture!