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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"I need it by Monday" or how to get your package delivered on time

My work for a parcel delivery service is mainly focused on correcting problems that lead to delivery delays. With the holiday season in mind, I thought I'd post some tips that can help to better ensure your package will get where you want it to on time:
  1. always, always double-check the address on the label. Mispellings, incomplete or transposed numbers are the most common errors. One number off on a zip code can make the difference between your parcel going to the east coast instead of the west coast.
  2. if the label is not printed for you, you should block print the address on the package. Handwritten cursive letters can be easily mis-read, (i.e. e's and i's, 5's and s's.) Sometimes they are barely legible.
  3. always include a last name. While it is sweet to address the parcel to "Mary, Stan, and Beelzebub," it takes much more time to resolve an incorrect address if you can't look it up by last name.
  4. include a contact phone number. The recipient's phone number cuts out a step or two when an address is in question, but at least include your phone number on the label.
  5. put address and package tracking information inside the package as well. Packages frequently get wet and torn or labels smeared.
  6. realize that your parcel is not the only one on the truck. It will travel for miles with hundreds of other parcels of varying weights and sizes. Pack your item so snugly that you can't hear it move if you shake the package vigorously. Wrapping paper alone will not survive even a short trip without a tear. Either put the gift wrapped item inside a bigger box or wrap once more with sturdy brown paper.
  7. masking tape and paper tape do not hold up. clear, wide, plastic tape is best; use liberally!

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