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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Soggy Sunday

A warning bell should've gone off in my head when DB innocently asked me yesterday afternoon if I thought the water pressure seemed kinda low when I flushed the toilet. I hadn't noticed any real difference, so we both shrugged it off. Fast forward to this morning when our doorbell rang (very unusual for a Sunday morning!) and our next door neighbor greeted us with the news flash that a small swamp was forming on his side of the fence due to water that appeared to be coming from our side! Immediate investigation found one of our sprinkler pipes gushing forth a river ( probably since yesterday about the time DB posited the water pressure question) right into the neighbors' yard. We sprang into action, calf-deep into mud, bailing water with mixing bowls from the kitchen. I ran to Lowe's to buy the "key" that's needed to shut the valve off and we managed to finish bailing just as the snow storm hit!
That's probably the most adrenaline I've pumped on a Sunday morning in years......had enough extra energy, in fact, that the drive and the walk got cleared right after breakfast!
The face of Redmond's Downtown is slowly changing. I can't wait to see what's going on up close. As soon as we get a good 40+ degree day, I'm going to stroll the main drag and do some seriouse window shopping.