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Friday, September 21, 2007

Surviving Vegas: how we lived through a timeshare sales pitch

During our second day on our most recent Las Vegas weekend, we, (my boyfriend DB, and I), were approached in a casino with an offer we couldn't refuse; $150 in free gaming and lunch, in exchange for "a couple of hours" of our time "taking a tour" of the new Grandview hotel. It sounded too good not to have a big catch, but we decided to take Geroge Carlin's advice and "take a damn chance!" We opted for the lunch tour the next day and walked away, feeling giddily optimistic, if not a little like suckers.
At the appointed time, we hopped on a small,crowded tour bus that whisked us away to the south end of the Strip to a generic looking strip mall. On the ride over, I asked a woman across the aisle if she'd ever done this before. Her expression took on a grim, wild-eyed look as she nodded yes. "How excruciating is it?" I asked. The grim/wild look remained. "Very! They try to sell you a condo and you tell them, no! no! no!. Then they make you talk to another salesman and you keep telling them, No!, Then they send you to another salesman and you tell them; No! just give me my incentives! Then they let you go!"
Turns out, she was exactly right!
We gave up 4 hours of our lives that day for: a stale donut and a beverage, a really decent deli-style sandwhich, short tour of the grounds and a model room in the Grandview, short tour of the Southpoint casino, and high-pressure sales pitches that seemed to go on forever. But, we perservered, and got the cash! They're pretty good at trying to wear you down countering every excuse you can come up with not to buy. A TIP, though, if you would be interested in buying into a timeshare, keep saying no until they start writing down some numbers you can really live with, because they'll knock a bunch of money and fees off the original offer. I think a savvy negotiator could probably get a really good deal.
Back to the money; we really did get $150 in gaming vouchers that we simply converted into cash. That part was so easy, we felt like we were doing something dirty! The whole time we were at the "tour," I'd expected there would be a "catch" that would somehow disqualify us from receiving our incentives, but, happily, that didn't happen and we were obviously tickled to have more money to sin with! We vowed we'd never do that again, it was so aggravating, but, I don't know.....

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