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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

random thought for the day: if I owned a fish 'n' chips shop, I'd call it: "For the Love of Cod"

If you are familiar with Oregon; (and if you pronounce it "or-ee-gone", you're not,) then you would know that most of the state is not a lush green valley, but a scrubby green desert that is filled with charms all it's own. Here in Redmond we are in Central Oregon's "High Desert." We have nice, hot summers and cold, snowy winters. Portland is about 300 miles north on the main highway, and Bend is 14 miles southbound. If you're into year-round access to outdoor activities, this is the place for you to ski, bike and hike. It's also a great place to kick back and relax by the bbq with a great local microbrew. Some of my favorite things about Central Oregon:
  1. day hikes in the cascades
  2. Smith Rock
  3. Deschutes Brewery microbrews
  4. the Lord's Acre sale in Powell Butte the first Saturday in November
  5. the view of the Cascade mountains along the Old Bend-Redmond Hwy

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