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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

aack! whew!cough!sneeze!

just dusted off this poor old blog site o' mine; couldn't believe it really still existed! I figured it had long since floated off into some remote corner of the web never to be seen again!
But, now I'm back and I'm re-learning how to format, post, link, etc...I think I can feel a new brain cell or two forming!
A couple of months ago, I dipped my toes into the wonderful, lathery, bubbly, aromatic world of soap making, and, like so many others, am completely smitten! As have all of you soaping pioneers before me, I spent hours pouring over everything I could find before daring to make that first batch from scratch. Tried melt and pour first, (very timidly even then, I might add), then, decided it was time to conquer my "fear of lye-ing" and just do it, like the shoe says. Haven't burned myself up yet! Have even sold a few bars, and am learning what it takes to start a small business; so far, it's fun. Want it to stay that way!
Well, the labor day weekend is upon us and we may make our way into the woods. Hope everyone gets some great R & R!