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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kate Davies, Bruce, Foula Wool 'n' Me

I have just placed my 2nd order for 7 cakes of Foula Wool !...and now... I wait and watch for the mailman   with sweet anticipation! It will take about 3 weeks to get here from Scotland; lots of time to dream and seek inspiration for what I will make with it.
 I learned to crochet, (the gateway drug!) just a couple years ago and, to my surprise, I really like it! This year, having been heavily inspired by Amber of Amber's Ambry and the deliciouse designs of Kate Davies; I took up a pair of circular knitting needles and now I am collecting needles, yarns and patterns and reading blogs and perusing Ravelry like one possessed!
  With my first stash of Foula Wool; I made a pair of fingerless gloves using Kate's Tortoise and Hare pattern.
  I have only, up to now, used the wool and wool blends that are available in the big craft stores, and, a few skeins from a smaller boutique store here locally, so the difference in this wool blew me away!  It is soft and thick, a little lotion-y, and feels wonderful right up against my skin, which I thought could only be achieved in a blended yarn. The colors are deep and rich and beautiful; it smells wonderful! Fresh and clean; can't quite describe it.....I now know that there is something missing from the "mainstream" yarns available and want to discover and learn more about the harvesting and production of these products!
  My  "discovery" of Foula Wool came through the interview Kate Davies conducted with the owners and posted on her blog: a blog my friends, that is a complete delight! I look forward to every post. She is such an engaging and creative writer and teacher! I especially love, and look forward to, the stories/posts as told by Bruce, who,  I think, should try his paw at writing a children's book!
  Well, the morning is getting on here, the sun has moved around to my favorite corner of the room now, and that means it is time to gather my tea cup, needles and yarn and settle in for a few hours of bliss....have a wonderful day!

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